Community Safety and Well-being

Community Plan for Safely and Well Being

The overall purpose of the plan is to examine assets in the community, assess gaps and develop strategies to enhance the community safety and well-being for residents of Lanark County and Smiths Falls. 

Consultation for plan development included surveys, feedback from agencies through representation at the Lanark County Situation Table and a variety of committees and working groups, focus groups, interviews and statistics. The result was the identification of 12 priority risk areas: mental health, substance use, poverty, housing, transportation, health and well-being, domestic violence and sexual assault, youth and families, seniors, justice, Indigenous considerations and culture and diversity. Issues within each risk area were highlighted, as well as strategies to combat them in the areas of social programming, prevention, risk intervention and emergency response. Outcomes for each of these priority risk areas were established. 

Social Services Contacts

GroupContact InfoService Provided
Lanark County Social Services613-267-4200 ext. 2140 1-888-952-6275
Hunger Stop – Lanark County Food Bankhttps://lanarkcountyfoodbank.caEmergency food hampers to those in need hampers are about five days worth of food deliveries available for those without access to transportation Community Gardens: support and access to community gardens in Carleton Place, Pakenham and Blakeney
Lanark County Interval House first stage shelter for abused women and children in crisis offers an in-house residential program, a transition program, a children’s program and a crisis line Second Stage Housing: for women and children receiving support through the agency can be accessed for up to one year Outreach programs: community support programs child and youth outreach program sexual assault program volunteer program public education program Services available: legal advocacy support groups information education support and accompaniment Family Court Support Worker Program: information on the family court process assistance in preparing for family court proceedings (documenting history of abuse, accessing Legal Aid) referral to specialized services and supports in the community safety planning court accompaniment to proceedings when appropriate
Carleton Place Youth Centre and Low cost programming for Children and youth (aged 8-18) Youth centre that provides various educational, social, recreational and cultural activities, programs and projects. Ongoing programming includes: homework help computer and Internet access recreational and sports activities arts and crafts youth leadership program community outreach program meal program lifeskills programs Skills Link employment prep program safe community partnerships referral services Spring break, Summer and Xmas Break Camps KIDZ In The Kitchen Program
Care Closet free clothing to the community. Tuesdays 10-12, Saturdays 2-4
Fairy Backpack Project shoes, new outfit/uniform in cooperation with Connections School Supply Program
ConnectWellhttps://connectwell.caSupport services to children and families, especially those with developmental, physical or economic limitations serves other families, day cares, schools and other groups with whom clients share their lives services are provided in client’s home or other daily environments public education workshops for parents, community services and general public see separate program descriptions for more information Programs include: infant and child development speech and language development behaviour development Ontario Autism Therapy early integration program therapeutic riding relief services connections project Good Food for Healthy Baby, birth compassion and home visiting family counselling, nurse practitioner, lung health
St. James BreakfastFree Breakfast every Wednesday 8:30 am-10:30 am St Jimmy’s Table – Fridays (for families – free dinner and fellowship
Children and Family Services’s aid society protection for children in the community places children for temporary care and adoption
Alzheimer’s Society Caregiver Supportcontact the Alzheimer Society of Lanark Leeds and Grenville at 866-576-8556 or e-mail Geralynne Smith at meetings for caregivers are offered to any person caring for a loved one living with dementia. Join a representative from the Alzheimer’s Society of Lanark Leeds and Grenville for opportunities to develop a social network, coping strategies and to meet others in similar situations. Hosted at CP Public Library on the 2nd last Monday each month from 1:30-3:30 in the Barbara Walsh room
Home Hospice North LanarkIf you or someone in your life is dealing with a life-limiting or terminal illness, drop by to chat with a knowledgeable person and find out what kind of supports are available to you in the community. Find out about hospice care, Advance Care Planning, or grief and bereavement with a qualified Home Hospice North Lanark Program Coordinator. No appointment necessary. Hosted at the Public Library on the 2nd Thursday of the month 1pm-3pm (Barbara Walsh room)
PLEO Peer Support for parents through our: Parents’ Helpline for support and guidance navigating the mental health system, finding resources in your community, and for when you just need someone to talk to. Parent Support Groups for parents to share information and learn from one another, and come together as a community. Mobile One-on-One Support for more intensive support and guidance through particularly challenging times, in-person and in your community.
Suit Yourself complimentary work and professional attire while being a support for women in our community facing upcoming court appearances or job interviews.

Well Water Sampling

Well Water Testing is a free service provided by the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit. Bottles are available for sampling at all drop off locations during regular business hours. Instructions are included on how to properly collect your sample. Once collected, samples should be delivered within 24 hours of collection. Your results will be sent in the method specified on the form submitted with your sample.

Please view this pdf for a full listing of Water Bottle Drop Off Sites

The Leeds, Grenville and District Health Unit recommends testing your water three times every year and after significant rainfall events.

Pest Control and Prevention

Dealing with pests is part of living in an urban setting and from time to time residents may encounter a variety of animals within the Town limits such as insects, mice, and occasionally rats.  It does not matter if you own, rent, live, or work in Carleton Place but everyone has a responsibility to prevent and control these pests.

Pest control on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Residents can help control the population of rodents by:

  • Proactively cleaning up yards and remove debris.  Rodents will often burrow under bushes and plants.
  • Keep grass and weeds cut short.
  • Storing and disposing of garbage properly. Without a source of food rodents will move on quickly.
  • Composting properly
  • Clean up after your dog(s) as dog feces is a source of food for rats. 
  • Feed pets indoors and stop feeding birds as bird food is an easy food source for rodents.
  • Maintaining buildings and outdoor areas.  Seal all cracks and holes rodents can get through a crack or hole as small as a quarter inch.
  • If required hire a licensed professional.

For more information and tips on how to prevent and control rodent infestation, please visit the Government of Canada and Health Unit websites: