Backyard Composter & Rain Barrel Rebate Form

The Town of Carleton Place is committed to preserving our environment for future generations.

Please Note: We will only reimburse for one (1) composter and one (1) rain barrel per household.

Composter Rebate:

Residents can reduce the amount of household waste placed at the curb by using backyard composters. Residents of Carleton Place can apply to obtain a $40.00 rebate for the purchase of a backyard composter. 

Rain Barrel Rebate:

Residents interested in harvesting rainwater for use in their gardens can request a $40 rebate for the purchase of a rain barrel of your choosing.

To qualify for either/both rebate programs the following terms & conditions must be met:

  1. Must be residents of the Town of Carleton Place and must be able to provided identification to confirm residency.
  2. Must fully complete the application below.
  3. Must provide an original receipt which clearly indicates the purchase of a backyard composter and/or rain barrel, and shows date of purchase and proof of payment (order confirmations will not be accepted).
  4. Taxes and/or delivery charges will not be rebated.
  5. A limit of one rebate application per household.
  6. Rebates can only apply to backyard composters and rain barrels for residential use.
  7. Homemade composters do not qualify.
  8. There are a limited number of rebates each year. Rebates are given on a first come first serves basis.

Rain Barrel/Composter Rebate Form

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