Communication Channels

Council and Staff for the Town of Carleton Place strive to ensure that information pertaining to the operation of the Municipality is relayed to the community in a timely and easily accessible manner.

There are a number of ways you can receive information from the Town both traditionally and digitally.

CP Scoop Newsletter

We have a newsletter service which will send notifications to your email as breaking information becomes available. News items could include job opportunities, upcoming events, waste collection information, notices of public meetings, and other items of this nature.

News Module

Municipal news can be viewed on the What’s News module on our website.

Community Information Slideshow

There are flat screen tvs at the Pool, Community Centre, Town Hall, Library and Arena that have a rotating slideshow with community information that is updated weekly.

If you have an event that you would like featured on the slideshow, email

Social Media

The Town regularly communicates via Social Media. You can follow us on the following channels:

Electronic Outdoor Signs

There is an electronic sign at the corner of Market Square (location of the Farmers Market) which displays timely municipal information and municipal events.

There is also a sign at the corner of the OPP/Fire building which displays fire safety related information.

Water Billing

Occasionally we will include a one page flyer with important municipal and event information in your quarterly bill.