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Water Demand Status

The Town of Carleton Place is asking residents to be cognizant of the need to conserve water this summer in order to ensure there are enough reserves in the water distribution system to accommodate emergency services. The Town is implementing a colour-coded Water Demand Status system to give residents the opportunity to voluntarily adjust outdoor lawn watering habits in order to avoid a complete lawn watering ban when demand at the water treatment plant is very high. The need to limit outdoor water consumption is directly associated with the increase of lawn and garden watering during hot/drought-like weather conditions.

We understand residents may have questions about the new system. The Town has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document which provides further background on the need to implement the new system. If you have a question/concern that is not addressed in this document, please feel free to email Guy Bourgon, Director of Public Works at gbourgon@carletonplace.ca.

Current Status

Graph showing we are in green - normal level

Status Advisories

Green - Water usage is within normal levels which can comfortably be met by our water treatment facility.

Yellow – Water usage is higher than normal levels.  Please use our  water wisely and conserve where possible.

Red – Water usage is very high which is draining our water storage reservoirs and placing the water system at risk in the event of an emergency.  Please limit all outdoor water use.

Tips for Conserving Water

  1. Water when the sun is low to minimize evaporation.
  2. Choose drought resistant trees and plants for your yard and garden.
  3. Mulch gardens and trees to help retain moisture and prevent weeds.
  4. Be mindful of not watering paved or unwanted areas
  5. Set your lawn mower higher to avoid the grass drying out.
  6. Consider harvesting water with rain barrels to use in planters and in the garden.

Rain Barrel Rebate Program

In an effort to conserve drinking water by harvesting rainwater, the Public Works Department is offering residents the opportunity to apply for a $40 rebate for the purchase of a rain barrel. Residents can also receive a $40 rebate for the purchase of a backyard composter. After purchasing the rain barrel and/or composter of your choice, complete and submit the rebate form located on the Town’s website. A copy of your receipt clearly indicating the purchase of a rain barrel or composter is required