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Municipal Infrastructure Construction Projects

The Town of Carleton Place is responsible for approximately 65 kilometers of road ways, underground infrastructure, streetlights, sidewalks, etc. and periodically municipal infrastructure requires maintenance or replacement.  The Town recognizes these assets are costly to replace so we do our utmost to ensure these assets are kept in a state of good repair.

The Town of Carleton Place is committed to maintaining communication with our residents regarding our construction projects.  If you have questions about any Public Works construction activity please contact the Public Works office at (613) 257-2253.

Infrastructure Projects for 2020

PW1-2020 – McArthur Island Watermain Crossing, Gilles Bridge Rehab, & Pedestrian Connection to Mill Street

Project Description:
The Town of Carleton Place is undertaking the installation of a new watermain crossing at McArthur Island which runs from Franklin Street to Rosamond Street, rehabilitation of the Gillies Bridge.  Additionally upgrades will be made to the pedestrian connection at Mill Street between Judson Street and the existing Ottawa Valley Rail Trail.

Contact Person for this Project:

Dave Young, Director of Public Works 
Tel: (613) 257-6209 
Email: dyoung@carletonplace.ca

Estimated Completion Date: 2021

PW2-2020 – Road Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of High Street & Road Rehabilitation of Patterson Crescent.

Project Update: Completed

Project Description:
High Street (Joseph Street to Town limit) – This project includes replacement of catchbasins and leads, reconstruction/rehabilitation of road and replacement of concrete curb and sidewalks where required.  

Patterson Crescent. (Francis Street to most westerly limit at the intersection with Begley Street) – This project will undertake the replacement of the asphalt surface and minor repairs to concrete sidewalks and curb where required.

Contact Person for this Project:

John Nagle, C.Tech. – Public Works Dept. 
Tel: (613) 257-6210  
Email: jnagle@carletonplace.ca 

PW3-2020 – Bridge Street Pumping Station Rehabilitation

Project Update: Contract has been awarded to  awarded to J.C. Sulpher of Ottawa.  A schedule of activities will available in the coming days.

Project Description
Rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer pumping station which includes the replacement of existing building, pumping equipment, forcemain & installation of new natural gas generator.

Contact Person for this Project:

Dave Young
Email: dyoung@carletonplace.ca
Tel: 613-257-6209

Estimated Completion Date:  2021