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Town Council

Members of the 2014-2018 Town Council


Carleton Place Town Council is composed of seven elected members which forms the Executive level of government for the Town. Serving between 2014 and 2018 are:

Mayor: Louis Antonakos
Deputy Mayor: Jerry Flynn
Councillor: Doug Black
Councillor: Brian Doucett
Councillor: Theresa Fritz
Councillor: Sean Redmond
Councillor: Ross Trimble

Codes of Conduct

The Town of Carleton Place has adopted a Code of Conduct for both Council and staff.  Each Code of Conduct sets out the expectations for the behaviour of members of Council and staff.  The Code of Conduct covers Rules of Etiquette for Meetings and Public Inquiries, Interpersonal Behaviour, Confidentiality and Gifts, Hospitality and other Benefits.

The Code of Conduct is administered and enforced by an independent Integrity Commissioner. Members of Council, Town employees or members of the public who have reasonable grounds to believe that a Member of Council has contravened the Code should consult the Clerk regarding the Complaint Procedure.