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Community Branding Refresh

If you work, live and play in Carleton Place, then one thing’s for sure: you have an opinion about our town.

As Carleton Place continues to grow and foster our economic and residential growth, the Town of Carleton Place wants to ensure its branding, messaging and marketing reflect the lifestyle that’s to be portrayed to possible future entrepreneurs, residents and visitors coming to our town.

To do this, the Town of Carleton Place has hired Cat’s Cove Communications through a grant opportunity in order to research and determine how the town can best put out its messaging in a clear, concise way that connects to the various stakeholders.

“A lot can happen in 10 years, and that’s certainly the case for Carleton Place,” says Communications Coordinator Amanda Charania. “In the last decade, residents from surrounding cities have moved to Carleton Place for the promise of a rural and affordable lifestyle in a small-town setting. In the coming years, our population is expected to rapidly increase. As a result, Carleton Place must determine what elements of our brand need to adapt along while still staying true to our story.”

Cat’s Cove Communications is a Lanark County-based marketing firm that specializes in marketing to help businesses and organizations tell their story in a meaningful way that connects to their prescribed audience.

“We’re thrilled to work with Carleton Place to uncover the elements that hold so much importance to the existing residential and business community while also better understanding how we can make the most out of Carleton Place’s offerings and getting that message across in a meaningful way,” says Cat’s Cove’s co-owner Toby James. “This happens with good conversations and authentic outreach.”

Cat’s Cove Communications’ team has been interviewing residents and leaders in the community to get their take on what is working with the town’s branding, and what could be improved. Branding can include anything that represents the town including its logo, tagline and content going out through the town’s website and social media channels.

The end result will highlight the Town’s local businesses and services, and showcase how Carleton Place has shifted since the last branding refresh exercise from 2009 and recommendations for moving forward.

“Our brand has helped us grow, and has reflected many of the positive changes in the community over the last 10 years,” says Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce General Manager Jackie Kavanagh. “We’re excited to see what’s uncovered for moving forward in a united voice.”

Over the next month, Cat’s Cove Communications will be conducting meetings with residents and business owners.


Want to give your input? We want to hear from you!

This is a public exercise and if you’re interested in providing your insight, please complete our survey at

If you’d like to connect directly with Cat’s Cove Communications about this exercise, please contact Project Manager Lauren Graff at