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Council Meeting Highlights - February 23, 2021

Appointment of Wes Parsons as a Carleton Place Town Councillor - At this evening’s Council meeting, Wes Parsons read his Oath of Office and was officially appointed as a member of the Carleton Place Town Council.

Temporary Patios - In 2020, Council authorized a total of (6) six parking space(s) immediately in front of businesses or expanded interlock bricked areas adjacent to the sidewalk to be used as patio or retail space on Bridge Street to be determined between the Town and the Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) and permitted the use of owner-owned parking space(s) in front of businesses to be used as patios in other areas of Town. A request from the Downtown Carleton Place Business Improvement Area to allow for the temporary patios again in 2021 was approved.

The following By-laws of note were read and passed:

1. By-law No. 31-2021 (Amend Procedural By-law 117-2018) – The Procedural By-law was amended to delete provisions regarding the Striking Committee and to assign the responsibilities of the Striking Committee to the Committee of the Whole, and to allow multiple part lot control by-laws to be approved in a single resolution rather than the current practice of passing one resolution per part lot control by-law.

2. By-law No. 32-2021 (Amendment of Development Permit By-law 15-2015, Mississippi Residential Sector) – The purpose of the amendment is to revise the permitted and discretionary uses in the “Mississippi Residential District” and to introduce Development Standard Provisions respecting setbacks, coverage, height, dwelling unit areas and other such performance standards to each type of use.

In 2019, the Town of Carleton Place passed an Interim Control By-law to pause all new development in excess of 28 feet (2 stories) within the Mississippi Residential District.  The Interim Control By-law allowed the Town the opportunity to study and review the characteristics of the “mature neighbourhood” and assess if the present Development Permit standards and uses were consistent with the character of the neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Character Study concluded that the existing policies applicable to the “Mississippi Residential District” were established to create a “suburban” built form of small lots, significant lot coverages and a significant number of uses which by design create a domineering built form on the street.  As a result, the recommendation of the study was to adopt new neighbourhood specific provisions reflecting the existing built form and uses found within the subject area.

Generally, the amendment creates performance standards that follow the principle that infill development should be developed to include the following:

  • Ample private greenspace in interior side and rear yards;
  • Align new buildings with those presently existing on the street;
  • Reduce the height of new builds to a limit of 2 stories, with additional stories to be constructed “in the eves”;
  • Limit the presence of garage parking for vehicles in the front yard and front façade of the dwelling;
  • Require primary entrances to be on the front façade of the building.

Section 4.2 of By-law 15-2015 was deleted in its entirety and replaced with the provisions for the “Mississippi Residential Sector”.

Food Bank Development Application - The Committee of the Whole authorized the approval of application DP3-05-2020 without conditions to recognize the following additional permitted uses on the property known municipally as 82-84 Mill Street:

  • Food Bank,
  • Gymnasium,
  • Office and services,
  • Institutional use, and,
  • Retail use.

A special Committee of the Whole meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 to address policy issues to be considered as part of the Town’s proposed new Development Charges By-law.  The next regularly scheduled Council and Committee of the Whole meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th, 2020.