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Carleton Place Completes 2023 Multi-use Pathways Project

The Town of Carleton Place is pleased to announce that the construction of a new multi-use pathway system has been completed. The construction of the sections of pathways was made possible thanks to a contribution in the amount of $97,425 from the federal government under the Active Transportation Fund. This Fund supports the expansion and enhancement of infrastructure to make travel by active transportation easier, safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

Active transportation provides tangible benefits to communities, shortening commute times for families, creating good middle-class jobs, growing the economy, promoting healthier lifestyles, cutting air and noise pollution, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Carleton Place project consisted of the construction of approximately 500m of multi-use paths and 220m of sidewalk.

  • A new 315 m long x 3.0 m wide multi-use path was built on Findlay Avenue between Franktown Road and the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail.
  • Two sections of sidewalk on McNeely Avenue, - one (1) 80 m section between the two bridges and one (1) 135 m section at the end of the southern bridge
  • Construction of a 175 m x 2.4 m wide multi-use pathway between Patterson Crescent and the entrance to the Town's compost yard.

This project will improve community connectivity and accessibility towards one of the main commercial districts within Carleton Place, provide economic value through complete active transportation access to a main business district, and provide enhancements in non-automotive mobility to ensure a safe and secure environment including for vulnerable populations.

“The improvements to active transportation in Carleton Place offer the community safer, greener and more active commuting options. Investments like this promote active lifestyles for Canadians of all ages and range of mobilities,” says The Honourable Jenna Sudds, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, on behalf of the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

“Council and Staff recognize the importance of providing safe trail systems within the Town of Carleton Place,” says Toby Randell, Mayor of the Town of Carleton Place. “Healthy living and active lifestyles are important to our residents and these new pathways provide safe passage in relatively busy areas of town.”

  3 images showing the completed multi-use pathways